How to Use Your Fire Helmet Camera from Fire Cam

For over 10 years when I first developed the Fire Helmet Cam®, I have been asked a few questions time and again regarding how I use my firefighter helmet camera. So I decided to answer some of these questions in this quick post. The main question is “How do you use your Fire Cam on an incident?” Every call is different so I decide on the incidents that I will film and will not film. For example, if we are responding to a carbon monoxide call or a fire alarm, I typically do not turn the fire helmet camera on. If we are responding to a structure fire, car fire, weed fire I will always start the camera while we are enroute to the incident. Do not wait until you get on scene as you will be busy pulling lines off or masking up. You need to turn it on and start recording as soon as you can. 

In the end, if it’s a false alarm, you can always turn your Firecam firefighter helmet camera off and delete the file as you will have only wasted about 2-3 minutes of record time. Personally if you look at most of my videos here, you will see I turn it on after I get my SCBA on and I am fully dressed out in the rig. This way I am free to do my job and not worry about it. Keep it simple brothers. Turn it on before you get on scene.