Fire Cam is Firefighter / Veteran owned and operated business since 2007. Beginning with the Fire
Cam®, The Original Fire Helmet Camera®, we have been an industry leader in bringing
specialized camera technologies to the public safety sector, with a passion for quality
and customer service. That trend of excellence continues with our Oncall® body camera
and UAS drone offerings today. With over 120,000 customers worldwide, our focus remains on bringing the latest
camera innovations to market that have been tested in the most rugged environments. Our
cameras and drones can be used as valuable tools for incidents, training, investigations,
rescue, and situational awareness.

Fire Cam strives to be the premier provider of high quality, innovative, industry-specific
camera technologies for first responders and related markets worldwide.

We serve and protect first responders and the communities they work in. Fire Cam will
always sharpen our focus on understanding the evolving needs of today's emergency
responders and creating one-on-one relationships with police and fire departments around
the globe. Research and development will persist in providing camera technology to assist
our customers with mission critical elements including:
- Training
- Rescue
- Situational Awareness
- Investigative Assistance
- Accessibility for agencies and departments of all sizes
- Exceptional Customer Service and Support

Above all else, Fire Cam prioritizes the needs of the people we employ and serve as well as
the quality of products we deliver. We are committed to ethical business practices and
mutually sound business relationships, always mindful that our customers risk their safety
every day to keep their communities safe.

In June 2015, our Oncall Body Camera won the #1 spot for the top 10 Body Worn Cameras
in Tactical Life Magazine.

Competing against over 600 global contestants, Fire Cam was awarded within the top 8
finalist from the Worldwide Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup hosted in Munich
Germany in 2014.


In 2016, Fire Cam was proud to announce it’s new partnership with DJI, the world’s leading
commercial UAS / Drone manufacturer. In that time, we have quickly become a top 15
Enterprise drone distributor, specifically servicing police and fire departments nationwide.
Together, we will help introduce Fire Cam’s UAS solutions to the Public Safety marketplace.



The Fire Cam Team


Randy Hansberry - Fire Cam Sales Support Engineer

For over 22 years, Randy was preparing to bring Fire Cam customers the best in customer service and support beginning in 2014. Randy is our helmet camera expert.  When you call Fire Cam with a question or challenge, he ensures you reach the voice of expertise and reason. Randy facilitates orders, payment processing, and product troubleshooting.



Craig Denby - Logistics and Operations

Craig brings 30 years of valuable business knowledge and customer service expertise to Fire Cam and it's customers. He has a BS degree from Illinois and has managed multi million dollar businesses.  In 2007, as a logistics business owner, he started providing services to Fire Cam and joined the team fulltime in 2014.  He executes the daily fulfillment of orders and manages Fire Cam's distribution channels.  Overseeing the warehouse and inventory control, Craig ensures a consistent flow of products to Fire Cam's customers.




Barry Moore - UAS Drone Specialist

As a retired Texas Police Officer (31 years) and FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot, Barry brings a truly unique and experienced perspective to the implementation of drones in the public safety sector, and the many ways drones can assist in the public safety mission. While an active police officer, Barry founded the first full-time Police UAS Unit in the State of Texas and helped develop the Public Safety UAS Response Team (PSURT), that now covers over 25 cities. To date, Barry is still actively assisting Texas Police Departments with their drone programs, and participating as a member of PSURT.   




Bryan Pruett - Operations and Support

Finishing up his Finance Masters Degree, Bryan brings his skills and experience to the daily operations at Fire Cam.




Cris Burch - Commercial Sales Engineer

Our commercial customers rely on Cris's extensive fire department and hazmat experience, 25 years and counting, to provide them with the best solution for their needs. Cris easily navigates the public safety sector as a well-respected member of that community. Cris also serves as President of the Hero 101 Fund and carries a Class 1 Railroad Hazmat certification.



Jami Schield - Chief Financial Officer / Co-Founder

With over 19 years of administration experience, Jami has played an instrumental role in organizing and facilitating the rapid growth of Fire Cam's business. As a founding member of Fire Cam, Jami stepped into the role of General Business Manager and hit the ground running.  Jami oversees all day to day operations, contracts, accounting, and distributor accounts.



Rob Schield - Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Rob Schield is a retired firefighter who has served for over 27 years. In 2006, he decided to film a structure fire with a small helmet camera attached to his fire helmet. On the first day, he captured a fully involved house fire and uploaded it to, where the video went viral with 125,000 views in 2 days. He designed The Fire Helmet Cam® and began selling these helmet cameras to firefighters across the U.S.A. The company quickly grew, and now Fire Cam® manufactures the only High Definition Fire Helmet Cameras® for the fire service today. Fire Cam has sold to over 120,000 police and fire agencies around the world.

In 1992 Rob began his career as a U.S. Navy as a Damage Controlman (fire instructor). He trained the ship's crew in firefighting; flooding control; and chemical, biological, and radiological warfare. After the military Rob worked as a Fire Service Technician, Volunteer Fire Captain, and then Assistant Fire Chief for the Midway Fire Department. He then accepted a full-time position as a Firefighter with the East St. Louis Fire Department IAFF23, where he recently retired in 2019.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our company and products, you can contact Fire Cam.