Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting

Fire Cam remains a leader in Public Safety UAS and is now extending our professional UAS solutions by matching your requirements with our UAS drone consulting services. Fire Cam’s UAS platform deploys single or multiple pilot crews to your residential or commercial job for safe and efficient deliverables.

Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting

Don’t settle for uninspiring ground-level photography when aerial imaging is a viable and cost-effective solution for your project needs. Photography and videography captured from an elevated point of view gives audiences a superior perspective.

Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting

Nearly Every Industry Can Benefit From Aerial Imaging:

  • Marketing/Promotional Material
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Special Events
  • Inspections
  • Thermography
  • Photogrammetry

Aerial images can be further processed to offer 2D Orth mosaic’s and 3D models. By stitching together, a series of aerial images, you can create a comprehensive image of your entire project or site.

Drones in Construction

Drone data offers comprehensive, detailed information that can guide a project managers decision; allowing them to be well-informed with up to date information that could increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Greater Quality Control. Drone imagery and modeling helps minimize human error on site and ensures build integrity by making sure all structures were built according to the design specifics.
  • Real-Time Data. Drone data allows multi-location organizations to have an up to date view of worksites and helps open communication lines between owners, architects and project managers.
  • Project Progression. Drone imagery allows project managers and key operational personnel to see the progress of the site from an aerial perspective, allowing them to assess which areas are on schedule.
  • Improved Safety. Drone photography and videos provide a safe option for site inspection by allowing for precisely repeatable missions from dangerous areas in order to help contractors mitigate problems before they worsen, without putting personnel in danger.
Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting

Solar Panel Inspection

Aerial thermography and videography are much safer and less expensive than traditional thermographic inspections of solar fields, making our commercial UAS drone services a viable alternative.

Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting
  • Safety. Drones eliminate the risk of inspectors being injured as they climb on structures or use harnesses and ropes to maneuver around a structure.
  • Efficiency. Traditional thermal inspections may take days, and can involve several technicians, depending on the size of the solar field.
  • Accuracy. Thermal and high-resolution imagery can help identify, classify, and localize each anomaly in a clear and consistent manner, and understand the impact of its performance on the system.

Pipelines and Refineries

Aerial imaging helps with critical tasks that keep oil and gas pipelines profitable, in compliance and running smoothly. Drones can perform asset and facility inspections, industrial photogrammetry, surveying and more.

  • Fast and cost-effective. Inspections at refineries normally take weeks to conduct, are expensive and require prolonged system downtime. Drone service pricing is much more reasonable. Drone inspections can be conducted in a fraction of the time while keeping worker safety a priority.
  • With drone photography and videography, refineries can leverage high resolution imagery, 3D modeling, thermography and industrial photogrammetry to gain deeper insights that lead to smarter business decisions and regulatory compliance.

Wind Turbines and Cell Towers

Commercial UAS Drone Services & Consulting
  • Integrate with asset management systems. Share drone inspection data throughout your existing asset management systems to streamline operations, maintenance scheduling and resource management. Ultimately, maximizing revenue in the long term.
  • Capture anomalies more accurately. Drones can capture defects from weather and wear more accurately than the human eye, allowing for more precision maintenance activity that extends asset life.
  • Increase inspection speed and frequency. Perform more frequent inspections cost effectively.
  • Improve worker safety. Inspect high elevation assets from the ground and reduce safety and liability risks.

Safety – Efficiency – Accuracy

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