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Law Enforcement At The Speed Of Life

Providing AI platform to be a step ahead

AgentAI platform assists law enforcement agencies by accelerating and enhancing their ability to protect, investigate, alert, and report.


CJIS compliant with Azure government, on-premise, and desktop deployment

Camera Agnostic

Support for dashcams, bodycams, and surveillance cameras from all vendors

AI Powered

Advanced algorithms built by our team of in-house experts







Exact Redact


It’s the twenty first century, the time of manually redaction digital evidence is finally over. Why spend hours redacting videos with suboptimal software, or days waiting for a third party, when artificial intelligence could do it for you? Get the job done with Suspect Technology’s Exact Redact.

What can exact Redact do for you ?

True object Tracking

Our advanced tracking algorithm identifies faces and bodies to redact efficiently and effectively

Camera agnostic

Compatibility with most known video and audio file formats via video conversion

Frame by frame review and text notation capabilities

Isolate critical information for further investigation and include embedded notes for future review

Ease of use

Exact Redact’s intuitive design reduces training time / cost and allows for smooth integration into your existing workflow process





Finally, reliable face matching software. Instead of spending hours and hours combing through databases to identify individuals, let identiFACE™ do the work for you. Using the power of artificial intelligence, our video redaction software can quickly compare a single image to those stored in a record management system. Post Incident Facial Matching gives confidence levels for all matches found and votes where each subject appears in the image. By comparing images from footage to department records, identiFACE™ does hours of work in mere seconds.

What can identiFACE do for you ?

Search large volumes of images quickly to identify investigative ideas in critical cases

Search delivers the top match results with corresponding confidence levels

Smooth integration into your existing records management system or evidence management system

Compatible with most file and format types





Video Format Converter



Never worry about being able to view digital evidence again

Use frame by frame review and text notation to to isolate critical information and leave notes for further review

Use frame by frame review and text notation to to isolate critical information and leave notes for further review