User Manuals and Documents

Below you will find Fire Cam user manuals and troubleshooting documents. Click on the link of the user manual you need and it will download.

Fire Cam Mini 1080 User Manual

Fire Cam 1080 User Manual

Fire Cam 1080 WIFI User Manual

Fire Cam HD Wifi Dash Camera User Manual

Oncall Body Worn Camera User Manual

Fire Cam 1080 Date and Time TXT File

Fire Cam 4K User Manual

Fire Cam Onyx User Manual

Fire Cam OptiMax User Manual

Oncall V2 Body Camera Manual

Oncall V2D Body Camera Manual

Oncall V2 Dash Camera Manual


Below are two documents that can help a police or fire department when implementing cameras. The SOP / SOG's are in a word document so the department can change wording as needed. The Camera Police is a good policy to help train your personnel.  

Fire Cam SOP's SOG's in Word Doc

Camera Policy for Departments