Fire Cam Releases New Optimax Camera

Fire Cam today announced the newest fire helmet camera, the Fire Cam Optimax, a new front-mounted camera for the firefighting industry. The Fire Cam Optimax is a 4K helmet camera designed to function in the most difficult environments.

The announcement of the Fire Cam Optimax falls on the anniversary of the passing of Co-Founder Rob Schield, inventor of the Fire Cam® Original Fire Helmet Camera ® mounted camera line. This week we’re remembering Rob and honoring his legacy by releasing a new product, one that Rob designed to serve the firefighter community. Fire Cam is proud to continue Rob’s dedication to offering the best and most innovative tools available to the industry.

Randy Schield, Brother to Rob and Retired Battalion Chief, Belleville Fire Department tells us, “My brother, Rob was always an innovator. He took pride in his products and was always looking for the next best product. His greatest asset was being able to take his ideas from dreams to reality. The new Fire Cam Optimax camera is just another vision he had, which will help lead our industry into the future”.

The Fire Cam Optimax camera features:

  • Innovative front-mount, providing a first-person view for the most accurate situational awareness.
  • True 4K video at 30fpsUp to 120 minutes of record time with one battery
  • Operation in low-light and low-visibility conditions, suitable for both indoor- and outdoor- work
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet. 

“This new camera is Fire Cam’s latest product for firefighter safety. With the same Fire Cam quality the industry has come to expect, the Fire Cam Optimax gives the firefighters a new front mount for a first-person view, providing the most accurate and realistic documentation of an emergency event,” says Paul Conway, Founder of Conway Shield and Retired Assistant Chief of Milwaukee Fire Department.

The Fire Cam Optimax is estimated to be available for purchase in late 2021, at less than $400. Videos from the Fire Cam Optimax will be posted in the next upcoming weeks.