Public Safety Drones

DJI released the Matrice 200 series in late February of 2017 as the most advanced line in their network of high-quality public safety drones. In 2019, the company provided the series with a serious update to improve a few kinks and improve the capability of these drones. As the first push towards commercial-grade drones, the 200 series has been receiving a lot of attention for professional use.

Since the lineup's initial release in 2017, the DJI Matrice 200 series has been constructed with a host of technologies and abilities. The units in this series have the capability to detect nearby aircraft with ADS-B sensors. Two batteries of high-capacity allow the drones to fly for almost an hour without any issues. With top-mounted gimbals, the public safety drones in the Matrice 200 series offer versatility beyond the capability of earlier products from DJI. The powerful, water-resistant motors offer speeds of up to 51 miles-per-hour.

DJI made a massive splash in the industrial-drone market with the first generation of Matrice 200 drones. This was the go-to series for firefighters, SAR operations, inspections, and surveying. The second generation of the series improves upon these impressive specs to create something even more impressive. Discover what's new about the DJI Matrice 200 series below.


Matrice 200 Update: What's New?

With the company's most recent update, DJI has revamped all of the units within the Matrice 200 series. The Matrice 210 RTK V2, Matrice 200 V2, and the Matrice 210 V2 have been improved and upgraded to enhance their reliability and visibility while in flight. A safety beacon has been installed on the top and bottom of each unit to ensure greater visibility during low-light situations. Extra sensors have been installed throughout the units to allow for precise hovering capabilities.


The updated Matric 200 line boasts the newest and most advanced transmission technology within the DJI line of products. The Ocusync 2.0 offers users the ability to shoot 1080p video quality within five miles of range. The new series offers an increased video resolution when the images are transmitted at longer distances. DJI has also equipped the new lineup with data encryption technology to protect information that is transmitted between the drone and user.

Data Accuracy

With a GPS module, the Matrice 200 drones are able to align with any given point designated by the controller.

Discrete Mode

Users have the ability to turn off every light on the drones within the updated Matric 200 series. This discrete mode allows for stealthy flights when drones aren't supposed to be noticed.

How does the flight time of the new series compare?

The original Matrice 200 line utilized the TB50 batteries that held a standard capacity of charge. The updated series makes use of the higher capacity TB55 batteries. When charged completely, the M210 RTK, M200 V2, and the M210 V2 can fly for a total of 24 minutes.

Which cameras are compatible with the new lineup?

The M200 V2 series can be used with a host of different gimbal cameras including the Zenmuse Z30, XT2, XT, X7, X5s, and the X4s.

How does the new series differ visually from the older Matrice 200 lineup?

The new public safety drones in the Matrice 200 V2 series have light beacons on the bottom and top. In addition, the arm lights on the V2 models have optical lenses. There is also an engraving that marks each UAV with a 'V2' symbol.

Are the drones in the updated M200 series waterproof?

DJI didn't make any changes in regards to the waterproof rating of the drones in the updated M200 series. The new UAVs still maintain an impressive waterproof rating at IP43. This number means that drones within the Matrice 200 V2 lineup won't be damaged by objects larger than one millimeter. The drones will also be protected against water sprays that are less than 60-degrees vertically. This protection comes in handy when the drones are being used in areas with minor showers or light dust particles.


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