Dash Cameras

Protect your fire department from potential liability by adding an onboard Fire Cam WiFi HD Dash Camera to fire engines, chief vehicles and other response units. These fire truck and police dash cameras for sale are mounted to a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield and continuously record the view as seen by the driver and passengers. This video can then be used as evidence in the event of traffic accidents. Fire Cam HD Dashboard Cameras can record in either panoramic or ultra-wide angle modes, and include motion stabilization technology and a built-in microphone for smooth, clear audio and video.

Each Fire Cam HD dash camera is made of high-quality anodized aluminum that will hold up to the high interior temperatures vehicles can reach in the hot summer months. And thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi on the vehicle dash camera, you can also watch live previews and change settings as needed. Our fire truck and police dashboard cameras come with either a 16GB or 32GB memory card, with the option to expand storage up to 64GB. Every component is repairable or replaceable, and Fire Cam’s unmatched Fire Cam Damage Warranty and customer service means your fire truck dash cameras are always covered.

  • Fire Cam HD WIFI Dash Camera with 32GB card Fire Cam HD WIFI Dash Camera with 32GB card

    Fire Cam HD WIFI Dash Camera with 32GB card

    NEW FireCam 1080p Wifi HD fire truck dash camera with FREE 16GB SD Card  Out of stock? Try the Fire Cam 1080p.  NEW FireCam 1080p Wifi HD. This is a fire truck dash camera with a FREE 16GB SD Card. The NEW Fire Cam HD WIFI Dash Camera is...