Oncall Live Video Technology:
Developed by Fire Cam, the Oncall® body worn and Fire Helmet Cameras are the only camera that has the capability to transmit live video, audio, high quality snapshots, and GPS location in real time back to other police officers, firefighters, incident command center or dispatch center while simultaneously recording higher quality video on the body camera unit. Recorded footage can be transmitted to a secure server where anyone with administrative rights can access the footage and view LIVE video. The interface of the Oncall® system allows an administrator to choose how many video streams to watch. The camera user can choose to either record only to the body camera or to simultaneously record to the camera and stream the live video to the server.

The Oncall live video system has several benefits. It increases the safety of personnel in the line of duty by giving command live situational awareness of incidents as they are occurring. It also allows a recorded copy of the video to instantly be stored offsite, safeguarding the evidence even if the body camera is damaged or lost. Personnel with admin rights can open the Oncall app in a phone or the command center, select the user in the field, and get an exact location of the officer with a live video of what is happening.

Snapshots allows admin or command who are viewing the footage to take a snapshot of the live video and provides them with the photo in a few seconds.. This feature is ideal if a highly detailed image such as a face, for example, is being captured. The snapshot can then be sent out in a message providing a quick way to share images of interest. All snapshots are securely saved by the server.

There are 4 ways Oncall Live can be implemented within your agency:










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